b.1986, Rosario, Argentina. Currently based in London, UK


2017 - 2018 School Of the Damned, Alternative Postgraduate Art Course, London, UK

2008 – 2011 BA Fine Arts, Rosario National University, Argentina.

2004 – 2007 BA Fashion Design, Visual Communication Institute, Rosario, Argentina


2017 Merz Barn Residency with School of The Damned, Cumbria, UK

2017 Guest Projects Residency, Common Room with School of The Damned, London, UK

2015 Food Water Life Residency, Banff Centre of the Arts, AB Canada

2014 Raul Urtasun - Frances Harley Fellowship for Emerging Artists

2012 Shortlisted for the Petrobras arteBA 9th edition award, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 Joven y Efimero Emerging Artists Award, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, Argentina

2012 Fin de Semana Largo Residency, Funes Contemporary Art Museum, Argentina


2015 Everything I do when I can’t sleep, Open Studio, Banff Centre of the Arts, AB Canada

2013 Algún Lugar Ningún Lugar, La Capital Museum, Rosario, Argentina

2012 Glaciar Tropical, XXX Gallery, Rosario, Argentina


2018 Every Thing, an artists multiple edition fair, Assembly Point, London, UK

2018 Being in the Body, (with Natasha Cox) Guest Projects, London, UK

2017 with AAPIE  in Feira Plana, International Publications Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2014 Necesito una droga llamada tu, contemporary art fair at Embrujo Gallery, Rosario, Argentina

2013 New Ikebana Cowgirl Vedette, Alliance Française Rosario, curated by Pauline Fondevila

2013 La preponderancia de lo pequeño, Julio Le Marc Historic Museum, Rosario, Argentina

2013 Joven y Efímero, Spanish Cultural Centre, Rosario, Argentina

2012 Un Nombre para las lays de pollo, curated by LHF  La capital Museum, Rosario, Argentina

2012 Pop Up Cartoon, arteBA Contemporary Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 La Herrmana Favorita in Junta Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012 Las heridas me las hice yo, contemporary art fair at XXX Gallery, Rosario, Argentina

2010 Guo Cheng Cráter, arteBA Contemporary Art Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2017 School of the Damned, London, UK

2016 Camp, London, UK

2015 Body Movement explorations with Kathryn Alexander Adler, Banff, Canada

2013 Costumes collaboration with Christian Joy, Brooklyn, New York

2013 Costumes for Juana Molina’s video ‘Eras’ directed by Mario Caporali

2012 Kubista, with La Herrmana Favorita, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2005 - 2012 Sculptures, accesories and wearables for Guo Cheng, arteBA contemporary art fair and

        other venues. Buenos Aires, Argentina    


2018 Studies For Self Knowledge, Islington Mill, Salford UK, Hampstead Heath Woods, London

2017 My Clothes are My Home, Ritual Costume Making. Guest Projects, London and Amsterdam

2017 Sensorial Study for Clothing and Bodies. Anti University Festival, London, The World

        Transformed, Brighton & Pause PopUp, Amsterdam

2014 Vestimenta Improvisación Emoción, experimental clothing design Rosario, Argentina

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