I gathered volcano ashes from a Black Beach in Iceland minutes before all became white due to a sudden and heavy snow. I later filled the velvet and satin pillows with those lava ashes.

I asked my six year old friend Lila to collect sand for a ritual and then added cinnamon to that sand and made the pearl pillows.

I’ve got the jade marbles from a small antique shop in Krakow, and there were just ten of them gathered together, exactly the number I needed for my five copper acupressure tools.

The hidden pebbles are a designed version of an object made for an open air workshop at a beach in Brighton at the beginning of the year. I relate them with praying beads as an element to calm down stress, with certain sex toys and with massage tools.

I have hand embroidered each of the towel pillows with a very time consuming technique called punch needle and filled them with corn and rosemary I harvested myself. The user can microwave these and improve their therapeutic effect.

The garland is one of the most appealing, sexy and functionless tool. I think of it as a stimulating element to gently tickle or arouse someone.

The leather eye mask was softened with organic coconut oil to make it more flexible and appealing, and the plastic beads are a decorative element that also enhances sensuality.

Seven Tools are designed to be used for pleasure as well as for spiritual protection. I made a limited edition of five. Their use is purely intuitive and depends on whoever is manipulating them, the video here is just an example. 

Seven Tools was part of Everything, a show by Assembly Point, London 


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